Monday, August 3, 2009

Charictor profile: Bruce

oveusly the Hotist of the grup! i can transform into any prehistoric animal and can act mor utaraptor like in human mode then other pepole. im 13 years old . jen says that im as smart as a kindergardiner and i know thats not true its like asayng 2=2+4 thats stupid. 2=2+22! Anyway i am the star of the show and i need a bit or recodnishon thing... i hope i become mor famos then "robo geek". I want to be famus! ( but not like that nutcase jackson. he did make good music thoh..) i live with my frends nick and Jessica! we are part of a paleontological resurch teem ( tho i dont do mush resurch whut ever that is) i just spend my day do ing vareus odd things.... hm.. this is one neet post! hmm.... i like this blog ITS EXITING!

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