Saturday, August 1, 2009

so im bloging now eh?...

yes yes! im Bloging! im trying to Extend my sites.... i Hope your framilear ( dont care how you spell it) with my Mane skwees. um.. so whut do i do know? hmmmmmm.... well i ges ican give you info about my blog! yea.. LETS DO IT! so its also about prehistoric things but the blog will give me the oprtunity to acshuly Comunicate with the fans i have! ( if i have any...) i can also tell you how my life is going!

Warning: my blog has Horabal spelling just like my web site and wiki! ( also i sined up with out nicks promeshon so wen he finds out hes going to be as mad as a spinosaurus with a tooth ake!)

well! thats about it for this post.. OH one mor thing

Q of the Post
shud i have done this with out nicks promishon?

put that in the coment secshon if ther is one...

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