Sunday, September 20, 2009

paleovewer: Spore Crechor creator 2D!

Hello non protosiens! i bruce earl J rex barr wil do his first game revueu! ( or is it Reeveu? i cant spell?! ) Anny who... im going to revue this COOL new game thanks to a cool tital tool cald the Sniper! Note: the Spore creator 2D is Maxisis... im only doing this reviu for my plesher. OK lets get started!
to start of lets talk about the creator itself!

this is Killerguy! wich i will use in this revue! now.... the creator is much like the 3D creatoryou get when you by spore with a fuw difrensis. one difrense is how you make a spine biger or smaler.. insted of using the scrole buton on your mouse to make a animal fater or finer, you insted use a ring that is aound the spine. if your yusd to the 3D creator ( like me) youd probitly scrol down the age insted of making a fater animal. another difrense is how you make parts biger or smaler. ( you use it the same way as you use the spine. a nother difrense is that you can have 2 limbs with difrent parts. ( but it isint a big difrense due to the fact some of you may have that new pach that lets you do this. i for one dont) the parts are relitivly the same as Spore but 2D. i was disapontid at the painting tool. you can only chose 2 colers. you cant make them have stripes or spots! that sucks! but i still give the 2D creator a 7 out of 10. now things get interesting!

Creture traner! this gets good and this is the thing that will make you want to make more Animals. you want stronger BIGER animals to win the game! hears wow the game works.

basicly you have to distroy all the balls, sculls, and pots to win. you do that by cliking and draging the arms, one leg, head, and any other part glowing basicly stuf for defence. try making new creachers with more armor, limbs, heads, and other stuff! or try to make a prehistoric animal!
but ther is one problem... somtimes if you make 2 limbs in one plase one whod get in the way of the other. ovoral this game i give 8 out of 10 wich lives my toltole score....

9 out of 10!

so whut are you whating for?

rating: Play-for-a-day!


till nextime!


  1. I've heard of Spore! And, trust me, I've seen some pretty interesting things on that program. :)

    By the way, Here's how to spell "Review:" r-e-v-i-e-w. ;)

    Nice review! ;)

  2. Thanks to your Phenomenal Review, I may just buy it! Nicely Done! ;)