Saturday, October 17, 2009

NG is geting Stupid!!!

photo from the NGTV website. Just wanted you to know.

i read an article today. it says that a 3rd of dinosaurs never existed?! That's a LIE! i understand that dinosaurs grow into something knew... for example a baby Trike had no horns older Trikes had horns that curvd up word and that when trikes are adults ther horns point down, but Nanotyranus is not just another baby T rex! its a Hole different animal that looks like a baby t rex. can those idiots tell that form bone? NO! can thay SEE the actual Nanotyranus compared with a baby t Rex? NO! are thay so smart? NO!!! you see kids.. adults, teens, and who ever Else is reading this, Science can only go so far... it may sound like I'm mad at them bu I'm not. I'm just standing by my knowledge, and if Jack horner knocks me door... I'm going to show him a nanotyranus and T rex! but until then i still think Dinosaurs decoded is worth a look!

P.s aparintly ther was a spell checer her! wich is good for me!

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  1. Actually, I disagree. As farfetched as it sounds, I, personally, don't advise jumping the gun here until you have done the research yourself and/or see where the good Dr. Horner reached his conclusions. ;)

    Anywho, welcome to PaleoQuest! :)