Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jenny wakeman: Antagonist! More news at 7!

XJ9prank # 20x6

we all know jenny is (normally) a fancy super hero.... (in MLAATR anyway) but since BEA is from MY point of view and shes my worst ( but not arch) enemy, that wold make her THE ANTAGONIST! MUAHAHAHA! bringing THAT point up in a conversation always makes for a good way to get the Teenage robotoborg cheesed off!

Exampal plees!

Note: ending the conversation with the words "JUST ANNOYING" adds that extra Grogarmaty for the thing!

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PS. i maneg to get my website on the locol paper last week and its writen that jenns the "Antagonist" of the show. LOL im SOOOOO BAD SOMTIMES! >:)

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