Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ed's Giant Buns!

now im not talking about butcheeks.... but if you saw " dinosaur atopsy" an the NGC then you know whut im talking about. all a long i knew about the ereguler size of the tale compaerd to other hadrosaurs. why? why why why? i have a theory... it had a big but... cus it had a big tumy, ( kids this will be complacated) if edmontosaurs had a big tummy... it must have atein alot and if it ate alot it um... went number 2 alot and if it went number 2 alot it probitly Farted alot. under stand? good. now i know an edmontosaurus, he is the ansestor of Dkoda. ( the fossal that thay found) and he ( sorry frend) has a HUGE BUT! as IsisMasshiro sead onse...
I like big buts and i can not lie!!!
well acshuly i can...

my frend. the edmontosaurus.

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