Monday, August 10, 2009


now that i got your atenshon..... i have good news! no... Grate News! no.... AMAZING NEWS! starting September 1st, my life becomes more.... Adventurusus!!!! thats rite! Bruce earls adventurs is going to be relesd sectember 1st 2009 so that onse a week at leest youwill have a Lath aftor the ruth day at scool... Huray! and Join me on that day to have the BIGGAST party on the internet! ( well not realy... BUT) i will put LOTS of new stuff on my website including new games, printabals, AND the First BEA CONTEST! reed carefaly!

Zoo Tycoon 2 Protos contest!
rules: make maps of areas of protos for exampal...
  1. Donco falls. a Lush tropical land with hundrids of water falls. think of niagra falls, victorya falls, and all those big falls combind to make intertwining falls. menny saropods come ther to drink, ita also wer hirds of Styracosaurs live. plus thar are prehitors like deltradromus.
  2. Sea of sand. basicly larg sand dunes. ther isint Much life hear But ther are a fuw dinosaurs... like protocaratops, valoceraptor, Unenlagia, Garudimimus, and some scorpeons... only a few dinosaurs survive.
  3. new awimbaway swamps. scaterd wet lands wer dinosaurs like tharazinosaurus, kentrosaurus, and lots of plant eating dinosaurs live, as well as some sarcosucus and other giant crocodials.
  4. tikwa,lo savana. a larg savana with munkypuzzal trees bushis and ( in the wet seson) a fuw flood planes. saropods migrate thru hear All the time. menny comen dinosaurs are stegosaurs, bracheosaurs, apatosaurs, hipsalothodonts, allosaurs, and lots of larg dinosaurs.
  5. tethis intereor Sea! a sea of wonder with Evry extinct sea animal you can thinkof trylosaurs, dolycorincops, ictheosaurs, all in one colrfal reef!
  6. the lost vally. only miths about this place have bin told the only thing we know for shore is the larg trycaratops face mountan.... the rest of the valy is mistory.
  7. horn of galespy. my home! a rainforist wer thers the most dilishus fruit grow! it has the Most dinosaurs Ever! its like New yourk for dinosaurs ( but much nicer!) its a vally and nesald Between is my house!

you must send some pichers or a video of ther land scape! ( dinosaurs and all) you are aloud to downelode extra animals frome the web.. you can wor alone or as a team. ( im MMM gets in the contest it will probitly be a cretashos calamady!)

Date: you must have sendid the entry by september first. any later ( un less its asome) wont be aloud and will be deletid.


1st place will have ther pics on my Wiki artical about Protos.

2d and 3rd will adopt a endangerd dinosaur in the area thay made and other.

see ya!

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