Sunday, November 15, 2009

paleovewer: Off Rode Raptor safari!

ARG! I HATE RICK (raptor) he keeps taking my stuff! which means its time for one for my special "anger management" game..

now before i go on i want to thank raptor Lewis for correcting my spelling of "Review". their shod be more friendly people on the Internet! Thanks! now fore the acuil review! as the name says you drive a car around ( and I'm just guessing hear!) one of the menny jungle places in protos. Wat i fount weird is their wear only raptors? what is it the annual swift robber convention of something? and the feathers on thos raptors look more like a macaws feathers then the pink purple and blue ( or brown red and gray if old) 0f the raptors Ive seen! anyway... you use the car to RUN THEM OVER! talk about saurian cruelty! But its fun if SOMEONE is stealing your stuff. once you do run them over you have to get them to a portal so the meat will be used to make NUM NUMS. you have a time limit to so...

the graphics are grate! But the sad problem is you have to have a program called Unity or it wont work for a long time. their are lots of cool plases to jump of, drive, run into, accidentally fall of, and do ...

SICK STUNTS! and if that isn't enof you can get alot of Achievements! like if you damage ALL your car in one go! or if you get 6 raptors with one go! i bet it wold be illegal to play her if it wasn't for the fact that every one hates Velociraptors! ( like me) unless you are anti hurt raptor then you will love this game as much as i do! and if your still ain't convinced, then hears something that will shock you which answers the queston" who's driving the car ?"
I've seen every thing in this game!
rating: DA BEST!

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  1. Thanks for the compliments, Bruce! And, you´re more than welcome for the help. I was pleased to do it! :)