Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BEA: digeston disaster

nothing like going down the esophagus!

What! finally i get a new adventure made tats not for a Holiday and its about Digestion?!?! humth! well the next one wont be about Dino's ether but their will not be a shortage of prehistoric goodness!

BTW this wasn't made from my free will ether... its a science project and i just wanted an excuse to do this!

BTW again all spore fans please check out the next BEA! ( HINT HINT!)

also ( man i really got alot of news today!) I'm planing a Christmas BEA with music from reliant K (or at lest from the CD "let in snow baby, lat it reindeer") and also i will release the DINOPEDEA BETA on Christmas to! LOVE ME! and one more thing if any one has any Questions about my life and want to BE mail me ( kinda like SB email) please come by!

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