Sunday, November 29, 2009


I DO! i found this recipe on you tube! you guys gotta try this! their sea scorpion cookies! for those who don't know.. sea scorpions are scorpions that live in the sea! (of coarse!) thay range from small 1 meter long Brontoscorpeo to the HUGE crocodile sized Ptaregotus! thay live in the warm coral reefs and offin eat small trilobites. ( look out wilcot :) ) now their was something Else i wanted to tell you... but i cant remember what it was.... hmm... well what ever it was it vary important! i mite as well show you this cuz I'm Bord.. HAY! i just remembered what i wanted top tell you! yesterday their was a Meteor shower and nick and the girls Dragged me outside to see it! ( i have a fear of meteors you know) and well we weir watching the shower..
I'll tell you later! i have to do something! See ya!
new BEA next week end
or later.....

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