Monday, December 21, 2009

Zoo tycoon, Cake and Avatar!

Utaraptors play fighting! Awww! : )
Ive bin a Lucky boy! first its my Birthday, Second i found my long lost ZT2 game And EA expansion pack, And i got to see AVATAR! YAY ME! I HAVE TO STOP WRITING IN CAPITALS! now as you know i am making a Christmas special with music from Reliant K... its a Christan band which just herd about last year.. i thought I'd give you a sample of their work ( if the trailer wasn't a good sample ) so " I'm getting nuttin for Christmas!" this ( among other Christmas songs of theirs) will be in the Christmas special. and one more thing... do you think that zt2 pics are considered Art? probity not... i wont just make a scene and take a pitcher of it for the next art evolved.. its not as fun :) he he!

See you with a tone of gifts for ya!

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