Saturday, December 26, 2009

blue cristmas.

Yikes!!!! She may be pushy sometimes but her hart's at the right place. as you may have seen in this comic I'm not in a " Goodly" mood... but i got good stuff for Christmas. like a tyrannosaurus fighting game, a Wii, Spore hero, a GIANT candy cane, 2 toy pterosaurs, a banshee from Avatar, a web cam and Transformers 2 ROTF ( which stands for revenge of the fallen) on Blue ray. Huh... that did make me fell better! and i just remembered that for such an emergency like this i had a back up!

now i fell like i can take on the World Again! I FELL ALIVE! i also learned a lesson from all this! do it because you love it and don't stress on Christmas! I'M back in the game baby! or maybe its just Sugar rush from those Chocolates i had.... any way I promise i will have a NEW BEA for you At an Undetermined date! Preferably by the time when school starts for all you non protosins, but it may be later! also check out the New Dinopedea! its awesome!

I'm sorry for the misspellings, the spell checker didn't read them correctly.

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