Sunday, January 31, 2010

Importand news about Paleantolagy!

You guys LESSEN VARY CARFALY!!!!! THIS IS VARY IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT DINOSAURS AND SUCH! but first a chimpanzee riding a sigway! and now for that important news... But first a side news! i was looking up "XJ9 jenny" on google images 2 day THEIR WAS NO REASON FOR THIS I WAS FORCED TO IT I DIDN'T DO IT AT MY OWN WILL OK MAYBE I DID BUT I WAS BORD!!!!!!!!! i found This! SEE IT?!?!?!?!? SEE!!! OK now that i told you all

that NOW FOR THE NEWS! But first The Weather report! OK NOW I'm going to tell you NO JOKE! DINO'S IN COLOUR! a resent discovery shows that Sinosauroptrix had stripes on its tail and some Red & Orange plumage!
Hears 2 Sinosauroptrix Showing their Stuffs

hears the full article!
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