Friday, January 22, 2010

Whut did BRUCE do to jenny this time?!

Hello Blogs from Canada, China, Japan, Free country USA, Strongbadia, Texas, Mega Texas, Super mega Texas, Extra.... i come to you today with a New segment on my blog id like to call....

in this, I will tell you about different ways to Prank, make fun of, AND/OR just plain have fun with Everyone favorite Teenage robot!

XJ9P# 157

Elephant Toothpaste

for this you will have to know a bit of science.... so i was unable to do this for a LONG time. but anyway... Jenn ( like Meany robots that are oil driven) need an oil change... which is the robot equivalent of... Yea.... this Prank in particular is PERFECT for me. hers how it goes..... first put something called Sodium iodide in the bowl Next put hydrogen peroxide in the top... then Wait.... ( and hope know one needs to use the loo before your target) then when thay flush a huge foamy mess will come out of the bowl! iz STEAMING HOT and it expands FAR! hmm... jenny shod be done her more resent oil change rite.... about....... ...... NOW!

makes me fell good i didn't do the Take-off-the-toilet-seat-in-da-girls-washroom-gag, i may have got... THIS GUN instead of the one that just turned my skin into charcoal now.. BUT i did get to have another Successful prank! i hurt, but i fell SO good! ish.... well not really...

PS. if you want to see the result then hear.

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  1. If you have any ideas for what i can do to jenn next Write hear!