Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hi! its me.... and i dont know for how long...

So... i haven't had a vary good time recently... and i fell as though i mite as well inform the WORLD about this, kind of like those girls on there web cams talking about themselves.(but I WONT be doing it on a regular time Base) now a few months ago my computer, Exploded.

OK! it DI DIDNT explode!

It burst into Flames...

and now i got a BRAND NEW COMPUTER! ( or rather my Old Computer with a new hard drive.) the the GOOD thing is: its a windows 7! the BAD news is: its a Freaky-complicated-new-types-of-stuff-which-can-be-used-to-take-over-the-enter-stinking-world-windows7. and worst yet.. i lost ALL the Data for the BEA season 1 final, except for an Embarrassing picture of jenny at the beach. (you know the Sunscreen one! the one i posted on this blog! ya'know never mind.) another problem of this new thing is that its pre built with, well..... hears the screen saver.


Check out my map of Protos! at the new ART EVOLVD gallery!
See you later!

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