Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Avatar Meets Jurassic park" Eh?

The people at the discovery channel are FINALLY making a new Dinosaur documentary
its supposed be awesome from what i read hear. apparently artists from PIXAR are going to help. as Awesome as that IS i hope it wont fail! so if your Reading this DC i made a list of stuff id like to see in this show.
  1. Dinosaurs by the Pound!: which is pretty much what your doing already.
  2. a Killer Soundtrack: No orchestral or normal classical crud, i mean South African, tropical, Miku hatsune, ( oh Shoot! i think I'm becoming an OTAKU!) 8-Bit, techno, Jungle, Type stuff:)
  3. more then 6 episodes: the Paleo fans almost lost it once Walking with dinosaurs was over! (or was that just me?) you beter go with 10 season 1, and 15 season 2!
  4. A AWESOME NARA TOR! like Gorden freeman, Criss Hardwick, Dwain" da ROCK", Or.. ME! OK maybe not ME but somebody that doesn't sound lame!
  5. Not a LUCKY STAR type storyline: actually have a story!
  6. BE FUNNY!: Because you don't got no maple syrup
  7. IMMA BE mad if you dont get a Saurothaganax in it: Cus! Saurothaganaxis are cool!

Well now that i got that off my chest i gotz some news!

i will no longer put BEA on this blog. all my videos have bin relocated to my new blog! but don't worry, i will still be using this blog! you'll see reviews of dino games movies and other stuff, i will have WDBDTJTT, and their will be the latest BEA news and Trailers! and maybe some BEA comics! the BEA season 1 final is coming soon to in TWO PARTS!

expect a trailer on this blog soon :)

Wait... Lucky STAR? GA!, I'm becoming an Otaku :( DARN! next thing you know i wil start liking somthing like robotsOHSHOOT!

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