Friday, January 8, 2010

BRAKING NEWS! Venomous dinosaur!

i was looking for embarrassing XJ9 fan art, and i found out the the non prodosiens found out that dinosaurs actually DO have venom! its glad Sinornithosaurus. now we knew this dinosaur from 1999 BUT this new evidence of its scull has fangs and an empty cavity which was probity used for venom storing. and since the fact that it is like a small raptor it may be possible that microraptor, rahonavis, and maybe velociraptor may also have venom. but her in protos microraptors never attacked me so i won't know if Thar wear venomous,i never saw a velociraptor bite into a pray animal and it died of venom, and i never even Seen a Rahonavis before so i wondent know.

I C U later!

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